January Student of The Month: Joy MacMillian

What brought you to your first class at Steam House?

My husband and I tried a week's special on Valentine's Day a few years back.  I liked the challenge and loved the hot room.  I suffer from the cold so making me sweat was difficult.  The intro special, turned into a 30-day special, which turned into a year's special etc. etc. etc.

What is your favorite posture or movement to do in class? My favorite movement is reverse down dog, because it feels irreverent and freeing.  My favorite pose in 25+2 is half tortoise.  I love lengthening my vertebrae. 

What are some benefits you've noticed since practicing here at Steam House?

I work at a prosecutor's office and most days I witness humanity at its worst, so I come here after work to restore my faith in humankind.  Yoga-mate's are encouraging and bring out the best in each other. 

I was diagnosed two years ago with a severe form of Osteoporosis.  My Dr. insisted I understand that sneezing alone could fracture my spine as my bones had turned to lace.  I made the scary decision to give myself a daily injection in my tummy to fight it.  Yoga definitely keeps my bones sturdy.

What words of advice do you have for a new student or someone curious about trying a class?

My advice to new students is to try all the classes and see what fits you best.  I am so delighted to have the Inferno Hot Pilates and Barkan yoga.  I can't believe how fast I improved in both after just a few classes. 

Joy vinyasa.jpg
Emily McIsaac