The Commit To 90 Holistic Health Program
Live The Life You’ve Always Wanted.

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■ Destroy Stress
■ Understand real Nutrition
■ Build strength and mobility
Get in the best darn shape of your life!

Taking care of yourself shouldn’t be so hard. In today’s stressed-out culture, too many of us have all of the information, are doing all of the “right” things, and yet we still feel like garbage. Living a healthy life has become just one more task on the endless to-do list. 

In the Commit to 90 program we teach you to cut through the noise of the wellness industry and tune into your own body’s unique needs. Our innovative program brings the latest science and most effective techniques to the table to take the pain out of taking care of you. 

You’ll finally be able to address your movement and fitness goals, deepen your nutrition education, and make lifestyle changes that make the life you live into the life you’ve always wanted.

Using a three-pronged approach, we address movement and physical conditioning goals, provide nutrition and wellness education, and provide online tools to help you find both accountability and support. Our effective approach uses science-based techniques to help you slowly build habits that lay the foundation for lifelong fitness, help you find peace with your body, and heal your relationship with food so you can truly thrive.

How Do We Effectively Build A Habit?

■ Take simple actions, one at a time, until they become habitual behavior

■ Surround yourself with people for whom your desired behavior is already their norm. Remind, reward, repeat (yeah, there’s a prize!) 

■ Our program gives you the tools and the timeline to make life goals into daily habits and put health and peace of mind within reach.

Commit to 90 helps people find a path to health and wellness with simple, clear steps and do-able healthy habits to take the struggle out of feeling good in body and mind. 

Commit to you.

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Unlimited Yoga & Pilates
Weekly nutrition modules and goal setting with Erin Holt Health
Weekly live Nutrition Q&A
Weekly live Personal Training Q&A

Online Support Group

Three Continuing Education workshops

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Any hot mess can get handle on life and feel their best again by joining Commit to 90 because this program gives you the tools, information, and support you need to make the insurmountable into simple daily habits that drive you to meet and surpass your goals and dreams.

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September 15th- December 15th

Cost: $229 per month if you sign up before August 31st

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Erin Holt

This program is a collaboration between all of the staff at Steam House and Functional Nutritionist Erin Holt. Who had us at, “Stop dieting…forever.”

Erin will help participants work through underlying issues with food, heal disordered relationships with eating and help participants learn how to listen to their bodies again and fuel themselves with food. Erin is a holistic nutritionist who specializes in eating to heal chronic illness and autoimmune disease.

In addition to the weekly nutrition topics, Erin will provide Live Facebook videos each week where you can get questions answered and receive guidance. She will moderate a private Facebook group for all challengers to connect, share information and ask questions.

Too many of us walk through life not feeling our best. Life, time, family, work, finances get in the way of putting ourselves and our physical, emotional, and mental wellness first. Even when you carve out time for "self-care", it just ends up feeling like one more item on the to-do list.