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What if I'm not flexible?
That's okay! Each posture is taught step by step by our instructors, all you have to do is try your best to receive the benefits. Don't worry about how you look or how flexible you are. It's always someones first class, everyone is doing their best! Simply be ready to work hard and feel amazing.

How should I prepare for class?
Hydrate before class. Some students prefer to avoid heavier meals close to class time. If you are under 18 please have a parent or guardian fill out a waiver for you before class.

What should I bring to class?
Water to drink during class, large towel, and a yoga mat. All can be rented or purchased at the studio. Wear comfortable, light clothes (shorts, sport top).

What's it like in the Hot Room?
It’s Hot so be prepared to sweat, but don’t worry! The heat is there as a tool to increase circulation throughout the entire body, increase the elasticity of your muscles and help you to focus your mind. After a few classes you will be wishing you could live in the hot room! It takes the average students about a week to acclimate to the heat. 

Are there showers?
Yes, men's and women's changing rooms with showers are available.


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Classic Hot 90: Therapeutic 26 postures designed for all levels and ages. Class is 90 minutes

Essential Hot 60: The same original hot yoga method but this one is only 60 minutes! Some of the postures are only done once and some flow sequences are incorporated. No experience necessary, beginners welcome! 

Hot Vinyasa: A heated vinyasa-style yoga practiced with a therapeutic focus. Class is 75 minutes.

Inferno Hot Pilates: A high intensity and low impact workout using Pilates principles, this class is tons of fun. Practiced to upbeat music and heated to 95 degrees, Inferno Hot Pilates is a great compliment to the regular 26 & 2. 

Hot Jams: The regular 26 & 2 shortened to 60 minutes with music. No instruction provided. Not recommended for first time students.

Teen Yoga Network: Free class times for teens ages 12 to 18, with a paying adult. Teens practice along with our regular students free of charge. Teen Yoga times are Tuesday, 4:30 pm, Wednesday 6:15 pm,  Thursday, 6:15 pm, Friday, 4:30 pm and Sunday 7 am.



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